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Cost-Effective Sealcoating, Crack Repairs, & Pothole Patches

Fix your parking lot or driveway with sealcoating, crack repairs, and pothole patches from Garrett Maintenance Inc. of Bourbonnais, Illinois. Our company refurbishes your pavement in order to protect your investment. We use top-grade commercial material, ensuring that we get the job done correctly the first time.

Lasting Sealcoating


Protect your asphalt surfaces from deterioration with expertly applied sealcoating. We keep water out of your pavement, preventing breakdown caused by freezing temperatures in the winter. Our company cleans and preps the work area before applying the sealcoating, guaranteeing the highest quality of finished work.


Effective Crack Repairs

Prevent problem spots from becoming worse with crack repairs. Before sealcoating, we strategically fill cracks in your pavement that would otherwise collect water. Our company helps to ensure that your parking lot or driveway stays strong under seasonal pressure.


Restorative Pothole Patches

Make your paved area safer with pothole patches. We cut and replace damaged pavement, or simply patch the problem spot. These repairs help you avoid vehicle damage, personal injury, and lawsuits.

Contact us today to enhance your home or business with parking lot repairs and driveway maintenance.

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